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Natal, the City of the Sun,  is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state in Brazil. Natal is a modern city that has retained its colonial flavor and is beautifully situated among white palm-studded beaches. Natal (in Portuguese means Nativity) was founded on Christmas Day, 1599. It was occupied by the Dutch from 1633 to 1654 and in 1817 was briefly the seat of a republican government until it was suppressed by imperial authorities. It grew rapidly during World War II, when an airport was built for flights to Africa. Nowadays, Natal has a total population of 950,820 inhabitants.

Gateway to the stunning beaches of Rio Grande do Norte, the city of Natal is perched on Brazil’s Atlantic coast, at the mouth of the Potengi River. Escape the bustle at secluded Pipa and Pirangi beaches or live it up at Genipabu and Tibau do Sul. The city is surrounded by Dune State Park. Go on a buggy ride over 30-foot sand dunes or tour the dunes on a dromedary tour. The city is home to the cleanest air on the continent, according to NASA, and also to the world’s largest cashew tree.

BRACIS/ENIAC/STIL will take place at the amphitheater of CCET – UFRN (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), which is located at a central region of Natal


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – Campus Universitário Central

Caixa Postal 1524 – Campus Universitário Lagoa Nova

CEP 59078-900 | Natal/RN – Brasil