Instructions and material for the tutorial: http://xorrai.cs.upc.edu/downloads/STIL-2015

This practical course will guide the audience through the coding of some simple example programs that call freeling (e.g. write a program that performs PoS tagging and counts the different lemmas, write a program that uses FreeLing feature extractor to convert documents to feature vectors for document classification, write a program that performs WSD and uses WordNet to compute some metrics, etc..). Attendants will need a laptop with latest trunk version of FreeLing installed (on linux or Mac), and a C++ compiler.

Examples will be in C++ to allow full access to the API, though users should be able to later recode most of them in python or Java using FreeLing API for these languages.

Link: http://nlp.lsi.upc.edu/freeling/

In order to better estimate the resources required for this tutorial we would appreciate if you could indicate your intention to attend the tutorial subscribing to it here: